Cool Landing Page

Cool landing page for Joomla

Cool landing page is a ready made landing page you install and simply edit the existing images and text, with built in Joomla! registration.


joomla default landing page

Upload the landing page as per the included instructions.

You can now browse to

You may change the name of the register.php to anything you want ie. signup.php or welcome.php and it will still function as normal see below for examples.

Editing text and images

joomla complete landing page

There are only 3 images you need to edit for the landing page: logo.png, largebanner.jpeg and small banner.jpeg.

You can download the orgininal PSD files to edit for your own page here:


Here are the 3 images that make up the landing page:




You may also upload your own favicon.ico to the landing page assests folder.

Other info
  • There is no need to add rounding to the corners of the large and small banners this is done automatically via built in CSS, if you check one of the landing page demo's and right click and open the small banner in a new tab you will see the original image has square corners.
  • You can change the text on any part of the landing page this includes the form fields for Joomla! registration and the text on the register button.
  • The Landing page has its own independent favicon.ico which is located in the assets folder simply upload your own icon into this folder if you check out the 2 demo's you will see they both have different favicons.
  • There is built in meta description and meta keywords and also Google analytics.
  • You can also remove any URL links, ie. the logo links to the NBA site if you don't want people to link to your site and simply want them to register you can remove ALL links on the landing page completley.

Browser/Joomla Compatibility

Cool Landing Page 1.0.6

Cool Landing Page Only $25.00 USD (includes lifetime updates and support)

Please return to this page for a download link after payment, payments are made to PSR Web.

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