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Firebug everywhere

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Firebug everywhere is a plugin that allows you to install firebug within joomla!, it supports any browser/smartphone/tablet that has java script, your site must be online and accessible to the outside world as it pulls files from firebugs website to function.

After installation simply enable the plugin, and then visit the front end of your site the firebug interface should appear, if you close firebug simply refresh your page to bring it back again.

Using Firebug everywhere

Firebug interface

If you are on a computer simply press F12 to bring up the interface, this wont work on tablets or smartphones so simply refresh your page to bring it up. Having it run within your Joomla! site means you can take it everywhere and that means on any browser.

Firebug in all browsers

Firebug on tablet and smartphone

Try out firebug everywhere NOW on your smartphone or tablet by visiting this page you are viewing

Firebug backend

When setting up the plugin make sure you set the access to "special" so that the interface only loads for admins of your site and not regular users.

Browser/Joomla Compatibility

Firebug Everywhere Release 1.0.5

Firebug Everywhere Only $50.00 USD (includes lifetime updates and support)

Please return to this page for a download link after payment, payments are made to Monka.

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