Fake Online Install

Browser/Joomla Compatibility

Below you can see a typical install of jomsocial the who's online only shows the admin logged in.

Typical Jomsocial install

The first thing we want to do is go into the jomsocial backend. Components/Jomsocial/Templates, select your template in this case its "blueface" and disable the built in whos online, set it to "hide" as seen below.

Hide built in whos online

Now if you go back to the front end you will see that the whos online has disappeared...

Now install the module called "mod_jsonlinefrontpage" make sure you have the correct one as they are 2 and they are a bit different.

In the options make sure the title is set NOT to display and set the module position to js_side_bottom, this isnt a normal module position like the ones with joomla templates, you have to either copy and paste it in or type in it, to learn about jomsocial's module positions see here (opens in a new window)

Assign module position

Now go into the front end and tadda! some fake members are online right now!

Fake online for Jomsocial

The other jomsocial module called "mod_fakeonlineavjs" is for use in other module positions it is installed here on the left hand module position, both modules will sync together and show the same fake members and will also show the end user themselves logged in also!

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