Firebug Everywhere

Firebug everywhere

Firebug icon

Firebug everywhere is a plugin that allows you to install firebug within joomla!, it supports any browser that has java script.

After installation simply enable the plugin, then in the front end of your site hit F12 and it will bring up the familiar firebug interface.

Press F12 now to bring up firebug in your web browser.

Using Firebug everywhere

Firebug interface

Simply press F12 to bring up the interface, having it run within your Joomla! site means you can take it everywhere and that means on any browser.

Firebug in all browsers

Firebug backend

When setting up the plugin make sure you set the access to "special" so that the interface only loads for admins of your site and not regular users.

Browser/Joomla Compatibility

Firebug Everywhere Release 1.0.3

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Firebug Everywhere Only $25.00 USD (includes lifetime updates and support)

Please return to this page for a download link after payment, payments are made to PSR Web.

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